Who Needs Voting?

Louise Slaughter is the CAGW’s “Porker of the Month” for using her power as chair of the House Rules Committee to create a fudge that allowed the House to pass a bill without voting on it.

I would personally like to thank Ms. Slaughter for pulling this stunt right before I was set to discuss the following terms in my Government class: Speaker of the House, House Rules Committee, Committee System, and Pork Barrel. When I talk about how a bill can become law, I’ll be sure to add a fillip for the Slaughter Rule.

4 thoughts on “Who Needs Voting?

  1. Altonisha Johnson

    They can’t do that right. Like what about democracy and the little people. This is a joke right. If this happens only the lobbying firms will be represented. Tax payers dollars will be wasted on the stuff we saw in class today. Omg can you say unfair. Will Obama be able to stop this?

  2. kelsie steeves

    Once again an example of our “Representative Democracy”. Its bad enough that we as American citizens don’t directly vote on issues, but now neither do the people that we elect to uphold our values? I’m moving to Canada.

  3. Hugo Espiritu

    what do you expect? This is a capitalist society, so whoever pays the most or sells the cheapest gets the bid.

  4. deanwebb Post author

    If this was a joke, I’d have put it on my fiction blog.

    And before you move to Canada, read up on how their Prime Minister is using parliamentary maneuvers to avoid facing a no confidence vote from his own party.

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