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Dean Webb has been the owner of Zzzptm.Com since its inception the previous century. He’s the man behind the curtain, so to speak. He’s written stuff off and online for many a decade and knows his show from his tell. He’s neither Democrat nor Republican, nor is he entirely comfortable being described as a Libertarian. He’d say he’s a neo-Burkean Conservative, but that sounds pretentious. Ironically, he’s also quite partial to the political musings of Thomas Paine. Go figure.

Dean’s interests are many. This will become evident soon enough to anyone that becomes familiar with his work. He teaches and has taught Economics, Government, US History, World History, Geography, Math, English, and Academic Decathlon. He’s also an avid music collector and critic, likes to drawr drawrings, and has found out for himself just how hard stand-up comedy can be. He’s been bitten by the travel bug and hopes one day to see the fabled city of Cleveland.

Personally, Dean’s been happily married for 23 years and has four children. He lost a son to a hit-and-run driver in 2001, but is thankful that families truly can be together forever. This leads into the next section…

Dean is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and makes no apology for that membership. Strident atheists that try and convert people to “reason and logic” really annoy Dean. Why don’t they demand “reason and logic” from their government? Buncha talk, these strident atheists. As for the ardent members of other faiths that believe Dean will go to hell for his beliefs, Dean salutes you on your consistency of belief and commitment to an ideal. At least you’re not a bunch of strident atheists that exist only to tick off people of belief. Dean has no problem with weak atheists that just don’t want to be bothered with religion. Dean also has no problem with persons of other faiths that are open to dialogue about religion, belief, and what it means to have faith, regardless of how that faith is manifested in life.

No matter what happens, Dean is an optimist. That is to say, he is very aware of how much worse things can be. History so far has been one pile of skulls after another, and it’s up to us to try and find the flowers that sometimes spring up in the ruins… those tender buds make the pains of life ebb into the shadows.

4 thoughts on “Dean Webb

  1. -sc

    Hey Deano… got to talking about a few things on admin_misc today (it’s picked back up recently with an influz of recruits I gatherd from NTSysasmin) and I thought of ya.

    Hope you are doing well. You ought re-sub to a_m… it’s got a bit of the old feel to it again, but without the prodigious mail volume.

    Take care…


  2. Shaun Jackson

    Mr.Webb, could you please do a discussion over the “Me Generation”? This topic interests me a lot and I am trying to understand why the kids today act this way. I would like to better myself and my friends so at least we can find an effective way to combat this selfishness that plagues us all. I have no doubt that this will cause severe problems for the country soon if we can not fight it at its source.

  3. Christopher Wilkins II

    Hey mr. Webb, its ur new freshman student from ur 2nd period. I just wanted to say i already enjoy ur class an i can tell im going to have an awesome year. i can tell frm just today that ur a brilliant man, ergo ur posters. I do think the only thing i would have this year is the small stuff, i look forward to seeing u and ready to learn in the fun and still challengng way u present/teach

    Your eager student,

    Christopher Jordan Wilkins von Berlin II

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