The Richest Persons in America, 2009

1. Exxon Mobil
2. Wal-Mart Stores
3. Chevron
4. ConocoPhillips
5. General Electric
6. General Motors
7. Ford Motor
8. AT&T
9. Hewlett-Packard
10. Valero Energy

Surprised to not see Bill Gates or a Walton or Warren Buffet on the list? Those persons have nothing on the persons listed above. Bear in mind, that, thanks to a bit of perjury before the Supreme Court by the author of the 14th Amendment, corporations are persons in the USA. That makes Mr. ExxonMobil the richest person in America. Move over flesh and blood, there are richer persons than you’ll ever be that walk abroad in the land.

4 thoughts on “The Richest Persons in America, 2009

  1. David Truong

    There’s nothing we can do about this, though, right? We rely on their products and the more we buy, the richer they get and the cycle never ends. It does seem that some of these companies do some charitable work though. That’s something at least.

  2. Hugo D. Espiritu

    That’s something at least? That’s like saying at least a murderer showed up to the funeral of the person he killed. Even the charity that most of these corporations do is to benefit themselves through tax write-offs and positive publicity.

  3. deanwebb Post author

    It’s an unsustainable way of living, but nobody thinks it’ll stop simply because it keeps on going… we all want to be #1, but we really should want to have our goal be “no poor among us” as a proper measure of prosperity, both of material things and spiritual things.

  4. Hugo Espiritu

    I have a question that’s kind off topic for this subject but I couldn’t think any other place to put it. In regards to the Goldman Sachs lawsuit, why isn’t Paul Johnson being investigated by the SEC? He was the one that “suggested” the financial packages that Sachs sold to its unsuspecting clients. Isn’t he also legally to blame for this fiasco?

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