Why No Tobacco Recall?

The news this morning went on about how a company recalled all its baby sling carriers because three children had suffocated in them. Clearly, the product was dangerous to its users and did not belong on the market. So why no similar recall for tobacco products?

Is it a timing issue? Are we cool with products that, although proven to be dangerous, do not result in instant death? Or is there another angle on the issue?

I went to Muckety.com and did a lookup of Phillip Morris, USA. It’s connected to the Altria Group, Inc, which I’ve linked here. Opening up Altria’s connections, and it soon becomes flush with pharmaceutical companies, governments both state and national, alcohol companies, and connections to the Trilateral Commission. It’s a conspiracy nut’s paradise, I tell you, with apologies to the conspiracy nuts, as it now seems you are right.

Tobacco companies have deep and insidious connections to government. Although the corporation itself has no parts or passions, those who serve it do. These servants are motivated by profits and profits alone, even if they must subvert the democracy of the USA and murder its citizens in order to do it.

A small company with unsafe products must close its doors. A large company with unsafe products must open its money bags.

4 thoughts on “Why No Tobacco Recall?

  1. David Truong

    Doesn’t the government earn massive amounts of money from tobacco companies through taxes that banning or enforcing strict regulations on them would have a catastrophically negative effect that they can’t afford?

  2. Hugo Espiritu

    What’s surprising is that these tobacco companies have such a financial stronghold despite its products being superfluous to consumers. It’s not like people need tobacco to live…except for those that are already addicted to it. I can see why older people might be addicted to tobacco since tobacco wasn’t proven to be harmful until recently(couple of decades?); but the younger generations have no excuse for proliferating the terror that they allow these tobacco companies to wreak by funding them because they have the benefit of knowing what they’re doing to their bodies. It makes me wonder if industries such as the tobacco and beer industries will ever run out of people willing to consume their trash.

  3. Dustin

    Tobacco will always be sold unless people stop buying it. But I think people will eventually stop smoking it. I believe smoking is something learned from environment(ads and stuff) and from parents and authoritative figures. The more people quit smoking the faster it will die out. But I think alcohol will live on.

  4. deanwebb Post author

    Gov’t collects taxes from tobacco, sure, but it doesn’t offset the costs the same gov’t has to pay out for indigent health care demands born of long-term tobacco usage.

    And we’ve known tobacco was harmful for a long, long, long time. Even though we know it’s bad, people continue to start using it because of the way tobacco advertising’s gone underground.

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