Stupidity is the Devil

“Stupidity is the Devil. Look into the eyes of Sarah Palin and you will see real stupidity. It is a kind of bottomless stupidity, a fiendish stupidity. Tea Party leaders are the most horrifying, cannibalistic and nightmarish creatures in the world.” – me (after Werner Herzog)

If anyone could be an American Dictator, it would be Sarah Palin. She looks manipulable, but she also believes in her destiny. Not in a rational, “believe in yourself!” kind of way, but in a creepy totalitarian Triumph of the Will sort of way. And forget comparing such a mind to anyone else: she’s American, and when America goes totalitarian, it will do so in a way that will be bigger, badder, and more efficient than any other totalitarian regime.

The people expecting her to be easy to bend will get her into office, then they will be as shocked as everyone but Palin at what she does with that office. I cherish my independent political status, but a Palin candidacy for the presidency could make a Democrat out of me. Stupidity is the Devil, and I refuse to vote for the Devil.

7 thoughts on “Stupidity is the Devil

  1. Dizzyizzy

    should she get nominated, it looks like i’m voting constitutionalist or libertarian in ’12.

  2. Robert Deel

    Mr Webb, what has caused this? Perhaps go more in depth and elaborate on what makes her so dangerous besides the obvious malleability and stupidity.

  3. deanwebb Post author

    I was already concerned about her VP status in 2008, and very nearly voted for Obama over that issue. She seemed to fade and I hoped she’d been finished off politically. Now that she’s taken the lead in attacking Obama, I’m worried that she’s going to be the only thing the Republicans have going for them in 2012.

    If the Republicans would be willing to elevate Palin to become their presidential candidate in 2012, they’d have a strong chance of winning the election. I don’t oppose Palin for partisan reasons, but for reasons of sanity. Hearing her speak, she sounds like she’s an edgy lunatic. The danger of Palin is that she is like just about any other American, in a bad way. There is an external attractiveness that conceals a horrific interior. That such a person has a serious potential to become a president in 2012 would be an utter disaster for all Americans.

  4. Dizzyizzy

    I really wish Bobby Jindal would get it in gear. A young, Well-spoken minority candidate? He could do wonders for this country that Palin is just not capable of. Personally, I am hoping for a Paul-Jindal ticket come 2012.

  5. Olana Rashid

    Mr. Webb do you really believe Sarah Palin has any chance to become the 2012 United States President? Or is this just over reacting. Because the next coming years are pretty scary for the new generation of adults.

  6. Hugo Espiritu

    I think it’s possible. If Obama’s popularity goes bad near the end of his term and people don’t want to deal with Democratic policies and if Palin does get nominated as a presidential candidate then I could see her getting into office. Hopefully Obama doesn’t get extremely unpopular or at least let there be a popular, sane, Republican candidate that can oust Palin from the race.

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