Scientology and Jihad

I was reading an article in The Independent about terrorists that changed their minds. Still reading it and it’s fascinating. The upshot of it is that I can’t get over how the recruitment techniques of the jihadis remind me of the way Scientologists rope in unsuspecting dupes. Or street gangs, for that matter. It’s just that Scientology makes for a more catchy headline, so I went with that.

4 thoughts on “Scientology and Jihad

  1. Ali Aenehzodaee

    I love the intentionally ambiguous (and misleading) COMMERCIALS for Scientology.

    I want to expan on the “dupes” a little bit. Like terrorism, Scientology seems to play off on the already-vulnerable. Both demographics targeted are the confused and lonely, the poor in spirit and the unhappy. Without revealing any facts whatsoever about the actual faith, they lure in the insecure with promises of finding spiritual and earthly happiness.

    This tickles me because the Scientology website even states “It follows our conviction that understanding is reached through knowledge and information.”

    I also apologize if anyone reading this is a practicing Scientologist.

  2. deanwebb Post author

    I don’t. It’s a trap. Sure, you can believe what you want to believe, but there’s a way to get the Dianetics stuff for free if that’s the way you want to go.

    I also don’t apologize if anyone reading this is a practicing terrorist, although that’s quite a bit different from being a practicing Scientologist.

  3. brandice woods

    Where did you find the article???

    I had a teacher in middle school who constantly read us terrorist articles

  4. Meaghan Roche

    It’s kind of a scary thought that scientologists use the same methods to recruit people that jihadists(is this a word?) do. Scientology probably has a better connotation than jihad does, but still, if the methods are similar, it might lead some people to believe that the scientologists might be planning something big in the future. just thinking.

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