Afghanistan and Crime

Karzai’s election victory was rigged. Let’s not beat around the bush. It’s obvious, but unsubstantiable because the US does not want it substantiated. Now we’re asking a guy that rigged his election to clean up corruption in Afghanistan. Great idea. It’s like asking a leader of a military coup to rein in his country’s military.

This is just one more lesson about how nobody wins in Afghanistan, not even the Afghans. Karzai’s brother is a drug dealer on the level of “kingpin.” A san diego drug crimes attorney reveals that Karzai’s brother is also the only guy holding Kandahar, the most important city in the south. Therefore, the evidence that he’s a heroin-making machine has to be reduced to the level of unsubstantiated rumors. This also means immunity for anyone in his organization that does a good job for him. Should someone be on the outs with the President’s brother, he’ll likely get handed over to the police in a significant ceremony. Until then, the biggest dealer in Afghanistan will go untouched.

What about the provincial governors, many of whom are big dealers in their own right? Well, they’re doing what they can to keep their provinces together. The US is caught in a quandry: it must choose whether to fight the drugs in Afghanistan or to fight the Taliban. To be sure, the Taliban forces in Afghanistan are dealing in drugs for their own purposes, but nowhere on the level the Afghan government is dealing.

Once again, the USA has made a bargain with one set of criminals to fight another it sees as more dangerous. Every time the USA has done that, the criminals they picked turned out to be even worse than the ones they fought. So it goes again.

6 thoughts on “Afghanistan and Crime

  1. Ali Aenehzodaee

    And that last paragraph reminds me of Ngo Dinh Diem’s government.

  2. deanwebb Post author

    Funny you should mention Diem in Vietnam… I just read a chapter in John Prados’ biography of William Colby, former CIA director (Lost Crusader), about how the CIA and the USA played a role in that coup. We figured we couldn’t win with him, so we let the generals coup him, but we had no clear choice among the generals about who to support in putting a government together.

    And then we dealt with the criminals. That’s covered in McCoy’s The Politics of Heroin.

  3. chanel wan

    The US is to scare to inform us students about how full of it they are because they want us to grow up to be adults who believe in their government. This kind of makes me sad to be american a tad bit…

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