Why Do We Let Sarah Palin Speak?

I got a number of things on my mind this morning. First off, why in the world do we let Sarah Palin speak? Fox News, I can understand. They’re a propaganda organ of Rupert Murdoch’s empire of support for his cracker barrel version of hate and spite, so she fits right in with that crowd. My beef is with the other networks that play clips from her, quote her, or have her on as a guest speaker.

She is not an expert. She is not knowledgeable. She is not an elder statesman. She is a media-crazed spotlight hog with designer lipstick. The most dangerous place in the studio is between her and a camera. Giving her air time is like bringing an alcoholic to a brewery: it’s not good for her and it’s not good for society.

There are loads of better alternatives to Palin. Me, for instance. I clean up good and I have plenty of witty observations that will be controversial, but intelligent. Or do we not want intelligence on our news anymore? Is the nation that much of a smoke ‘n’ mirrors affair that Palin is necessary to keep us uninformed? Agh, what a nightmare world we live in!

Please, if you’re in the news business, boycott Palin. Please. I know I’m not the only one that’s done with her.

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