Is Your Bank About to Murder You?

Strange times we’re in when that’s a legitimate question. Here’s the proof behind the question mark:

Citibank arrests people for withdrawing money legally:

Goldman Sachs execs preparing for the Muppet Apocalypse:

Citibank kills a guy for not paying his credit card:

Does the list go on? Yes, yes it does… Read the whole page.

The banking industry is behind the campaigns of both Obama and Romney. Whichever man wins, they want him under their control. Why is that?

Well… ask yourself… what happens to you if you decided to just quit paying your credit cards? Would your bank decide to make an example of you? Maybe not by having you whacked by a hitman, but there are other ways these guys can rain hell down on you, all 100% legal and taxed at a rate of 0% or less.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: interest on debts of any amount is a tool of oppression, a tool of the devil. Jefferson was absolutely right when he said banks were more dangerous than standing armies in terms of threatening our liberties.

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