Violence Will Not be the Answer

While I say violence will not be the answer, it doesn’t mean that others will try to see if it will be the answer. If history is any guide, and it most assuredly is, then the United States of America will be entering a period of heightened violence. It may be directed inwardly or outwardly, but it is going to be much, much more violent in the near future. It will either be a revolt against those who are both too wicked and too rich, or – more likely – a diversionary conflict with a high body count that may well be the fight of the nation’s collective life.

No war, no violence will solve the problems of a nation. People yearn for peace, trust, and quiet: things that are impossibilities in war. If possible, a people should leave an area of conflict and put distance between themselves and a potential aggressor. If not possible, then that people should defend itself and trust in God for deliverance.

That last part is important. It demands that a nation be righteous, that it be honest, and that it be virtuous. It demands that the nation is led by people that use their power to comfort the afflicted, not to comfort the comfortable. It demands that a nation be guided by principles of sacrifice and not personal profits. To trust in God means a nation cannot have its leaders enmired in the pursuit of profits and powers with an eye towards self-aggrandizement. A nation that trusts in God will face trials, but it will emerge from those trials all the better for having endured them. Trusting in God for deliverance implies that dangers and perils will arise and may nearly overwhelm, but that God will see the nation through those trials. Men and women will make sacrifices, even ultimate sacrifices, but the nation will endure in faith and humility.

A nation that does not trust in God for deliverance will instead play the devil’s game and kill before it is killed. It will exist as a paranoid entity. It will exploit the weak for its own game and assert that all is fair when the fittest are about the business of surviving. Darwinism is dangerous not in the biological sciences, but in the social fields – where it does not belong. In its lack of trust in God, it embarks on a history of violence.

That violence will not solve any problems. It will only lead to the breakup and destruction of nations. Then, when there are no more fit targets for conquest, the remaining nations will exhaust themselves in a mutually destructive war. With nuclear weapons, that mutual destruction will happen at a faster rate than ever before.

I see the events in the world today, and while they are not good, I don’t think I’ll be overly troubled by them. I still trust in God for deliverance. I have my reasons for my faith, and they are sound in my judgment, and that is all I need as precondition for my faith. I do my best to keep honest, to do the best work I can do, and to forgive debts others owe me. If the leaders of the USA were of the same mind, I would not be writing this essay.

2 thoughts on “Violence Will Not be the Answer

  1. Jed Rhien

    Yeah- I think you’ve been reading a lot of history books, or the bible- Or any book of holy scripture.
    It’s always amazing we don’t learn from the past as we should.

    People will be proud until they are forced to be humble.

  2. Yurkovitch

    I really like this post. I agree that things in America will probably get worse before they will get better.

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