Cory Booker: The Kind of Leadership We Need

The Mayor of Newark made a headline for himself by rescuing a neighbor from a fire. When I heard it, I wasn’t surprised. I feel good inside, knowing that Mr. Booker is still keeping true to his principles.

I first saw Cory Booker in the film “Street Fight” – one of the best political documentaries, ever – which documented his failed bid to become mayor. Cory took on an old crony politician and nearly won, in spite of his opponent lying, intimidating, and using police state tactics to keep his hold on power. The sadness of that loss didn’t stop Booker. He came back and won his next election.

Booker resolved to live in the poorest part of town so that, as mayor, he would fix the problems of his people. When I saw this story, I knew he had kept to his principles for these last six years.

This is what we need: men and women, regardless of party, that use leadership to help their neighbors and to make sure that their neighbors are the ones most in need of a powerful friend. We don’t need a crew that feathers its own beds. We don’t need people beholden to rich men and their special interests.

I’m not saying Cory Booker needs to run for president: I’m saying the people running for president need to emulate Cory Booker. Senators, Congressmen, heads of agencies, all of them: live among the poor, put your kids in public schools, ride the buses, eat what we eat and do what we do.

That way, you’ll all start solving the problems *we* have and not all the problems of the richest 0.01% of Americans. Whenever a nation forgets its poor, its end is not long in coming. When a nation remembers its poor and exalts them, its greatness can be sustained.

Thank you, Cory Booker, for showing the way. I’m a fan, and I’m proud of what you’re doing. Thank you for keeping true and fighting that best of fights.

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