A Terrible Price for Freedom

Helping Libya’s rebels condemns Saudi Arabia’s angry youth. That’s the pinch of the latest article from Robert Fisk. If the Saudis will help the USA ship arms to Libya’s rebels, then the USA pretty much must turn a blind eye to the planned Shi’a Muslim “day of rage” in the East of Saudi Arabia this coming Friday. The USA may well have to turn a blind eye to protests in Saudi Arabia to keep a lid on oil prices, so the ball is in Saudi Arabia’s court: do they support the Libyan rebels for greater US complicity in crushing their dissent, or do they turn down the Libyan rebels so their own people won’t have that much to hope for as their dissent is crushed some time after the news in the USA runs footage of the action in Libya?

Meanwhile, the USA is finding ways to get itself entangled in this mess that will guaranteed make more enemies for the nation, no matter who it supports or which side wins.

Quick word of advice for all young persons seeking a military career: buy an Arabic phrasebook and look into acquiring a stash of sand repellent.

2 thoughts on “A Terrible Price for Freedom

  1. John Chang

    The one question that makes me wonder is “What ever happened to George Washington’s neutrality policy?” I know the United States of America is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave, but why is it that we must try to police the world and get into the affairs of different cultures and societies? I understand that the US has capability to lend a hand to other nations like that of World War II when the American government decided to help airlift food to foreign countries. Americans believe in democracy and freedom, but what about respect or personal beliefs held by other cultures? Even though some nations such as thrid world countries or developing countries may need financial help, what about the other countries who endanger the lives of the very Americans who try to uphold the “justice” and “democracy” in their society? In Taiwan, every adult male upon graduating high school has to join the army. Though Taiwan is a small island, we don’t see the Taiwanese people or any other nations trying to get their hands dirty in other nations affairs. Is it the belief that the United States people can HELP and SERVE others the sole reason, or is there other secret intentions in trying to help out the middle east? Such as profiterring or lowering oil prices. Moives such as “Sniper” mention the extermination of hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians for the purpose of knocking down a few cents off oil prices. Does the end justify the means? And is there an ABSOLUTE reason as why the US must “help” other countries? Is it for personal gain or personal values? Or both?

  2. deanwebb Post author

    I think the biggest problem with the US government is that corporations and other well-funded interest groups and entities found a way to leverage it to serve their needs. The US is large enough to be worth leveraging in this way. Smaller nations have smaller corruptions: in the USA, they fling out overseas to do their damage, instead of at home.

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