Educational Bailout?

When the USA faced a financial meltdown in 2008, the US government was swift to prop up the ailing banks, with executive bonuses nearly intact. Now, schools across the nation are facing a similar meltdown. Where’s their bailout? Back in the Great Depression, the USG came out with the Works Progress Administration and Public Works Administration to get teachers back into classrooms, students back into schools, and schools back into repair. Just one quick question to every governor, legislator, Congressman, and president: which is more important, banks or children?

2 thoughts on “Educational Bailout?

  1. Stephanie Myers

    I’m glad that RISD is doing a little bit better than other neighbor school districts. However, it’s ridiculous that so many districts are derping (herp) and cutting important programs that keep students interested in school. (The extracurricular activities especially.) I really hope that the money crisis teaches Texas and the rest of the country that education needs to be the top priority. We can’t afford to be greedy with money if we want the country to prosper as it has in the past if children aren’t encouraged to learn due to banks being top priority.

  2. Bradley R.

    I believe that the cause of the education crisis in Texas is the lowering of the property taxes in 2006. The only reason that we have not felt the impact till now is due to the stimulus package. Legislators need to get their heads straight and dip into the rainy day fund which the Texas senate went back on.

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