Love Is the Answer

I had a marvelous dream last night. In it, I was with some friends and a German-speaking soldier entered our room. He was injured badly, and we all helped him to recover. He later left, thanking us for what we’d done for him. Later on, I was with a group of refugees under a bridge somewhere, huddling for warmth. The soldier reappeared and told me he had orders to kill us all. “What shall I do?” he said through bitter tears.

I said, “Alle Menschen werden Brüder,” my clothes turned completely white, I opened my arms without fear, and prayed that what I said, which means “All men are brothers,” would affect him.

He threw his gun away and embraced. We both cried with joy and I felt the glow of brotherhood surround us all.

Love is the answer. It really is.

2 thoughts on “Love Is the Answer

  1. Tayyaba

    That’s a nice dream, but the fact is not everyone’s answer is love. Poeple do what they want to do. They listen to orders of their bosses. They have no humanity or fear of God. Like in Pakistan, people just don’t get up and do suicide bombing. They are told by their bosses. I wish everyone just becomes one, and there is no killing, no fights, no blood so we have peace all over. Then we will proudly say, “Love is the Answer.”

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