What Is the Economy?

Henry C. Wallich, former Federal Reserve Governor, on the economy: “It’s a form of fraud, perpetrated by everybody on everybody. It is a world in which nobody keeps his word. Even if you could adjust perfectly for it, it would be a very unpleasant world.”

One thought on “What Is the Economy?

  1. Stephanie Myers

    I totalllly agree. I wish we could all just be hippies and live in little communities where we shared the land and everything. (well… not really but it would be less hectic :P) There would be less ill will towards people and we could deal with other important issues such as Environmental Preservation. We worry SO MUCH about money and how to make the best deal or how to make an extra buck by taking advantage of someone less fortunate that its the only focus and inspiration for some.

    Though a little Utopian society like I want would never exist. Tear. ;-; And after reading some of the AP Environmental Science textbook I realize it has influenced my beliefs.

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