Do I Miss President Bush?

I saw a bumper sticker today that had a picture of Bush on it with the caption, “Miss me?” I decided to think about that. As I thought, I started watching 9/11 – Press for Truth, a documentary about the lack of investigation into the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. The short answer is, “no.” I do not miss a plunderer, not one bit.

Bush first wanted to appoint Henry Kissinger to investigate. Kissinger’s clients included the Bin Laden family. When the New Jersey Widows revealed that information, he resigned from his position. When the New Jersey Widows revealed that the 9/11 investigation committee included a close confidant of Condoleeza Rice and a member of Bush’s national security team, nothing came of that. By nothing, I refer to the ultimate value of the report. Bush did not want anyone to know about the attacks.

I won’t make a wild accusation against Bush. I’ll make a well-founded one. He used the 9/11 attacks to justify an already-planned invasion of Afghanistan and then went on to lie his way into getting the US to invade Iraq. I have a strong suspicion he also knew the attacks were coming and where they would hit. Cheney, in DC, got evacuated immediately upon receiving news of the attacks. Bush, in Florida, stayed put, even though there had been an assassination attempt against him the night before. That tells me he knew Florida wasn’t on the list of targets.

The US made sure to invade Afghanistan just before the beginning of the opium-growing season. Since Clinton had forced the Taliban to ban opium growing, the people of Afghanistan were ready to switch governments so they could get back to the drugs trade. Now Afghanistan is producing opium and heroin in record amounts, one of the biggest opium growers there is the brother of President Karzai, and the Taliban have regenerated their power in the region.

As Bush prepared to invade Iraq, they trotted out Ahmed Chalabi to explain to the USA how eager the Iraqis were to have us go in there. It later turned out that Chalabi was an Iranian spy with a mission to get the US to do what the Iranians couldn’t: get rid of Saddam Hussein. In the wake of such a move, the Iranians knew that the resulting Iraq would eventually be an ally of theirs, not the US.

Bush ran up the national debt to truly massive levels, and for what? He enriched a few men at the expense of a nation. Bush was a plunderer, a cheat, and a liar. We have the evidence to prove it beyond any reasonable doubt. No, I do not miss President Bush.

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