My Name Is Khan

My Name Is Khan The film comes out Friday, February 12th, but I’m thinking of seeing it either on a Saturday or a Wednesday. Tickets are 2-for-1 on Wednesday and only $5.00 for matinee showtimes on Saturday. THIS WILL BE FOR CLASS PARTICIPATION POINTS, IF YOU WANT THEM!!! It’s not required, but this does look to be an awesome film. One aspect of the film deals with life in America post 9-11 for Muslims, but there’s much more to it than just that.

Let me know what days work for you and I’ll try to pick an AP Government night at Funasia. It’s got stadium seating, retractable armrests, and a great snack bar that features South Asian goodies. (Snack bar is cash only, so bring cash if you want to munch or get a coke…) If you can’t see it with the rest of the class, you can still see it on your own and talk about it with me.

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  1. deanwebb Post author

    No. Not this Saturday. I’m looking at Saturday, the 20th. It’s getting some good reviews, so it should be fun.

    Tickets will be $6.00

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