9 thoughts on “Tunak Tunak Tun

  1. Tais Altunian

    OMG this is my favorite video ever!! my french teacher showed it to me a couple years ago haha

  2. Chanel Wan

    this is the weirdest video i have ever seen… i rather watch yo gabba gabba over and over than this

  3. Matthew Wong

    My friend showed me this a long time ago. He told me that this dude was talked of because they said people only watched his videos because of the women that were in it, and the other videos were watched because of the girls, not his music. So he went to prove them wrong, and so this whole video is just himself dancing, and it became the most popular. more popular than the rest of his videos.

  4. Harrison Thomas

    Terry scored a touchdown…and got an interception AND HE DID NOT DO THE DANCE AS PROMISED!!!! I had people from 5th period even yelling at him to do it.

  5. Nikkiah Guerra

    I learned THE DANCE!!! hahah you just shake your fingers and wiggle around!

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