Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

Orange Juice in Mexico with Sprite

Orange Juice in Mexico with Sprite

One of the many reasons I’d love to go back to Mexico.

Also Mexican sodas. No high fructose corn syrup in those bad boys! Just straight up sugar, the way they were intended to be made.

But back to the orange juice. The oranges that went into that juice were chillin’ with their homies on the tree just the day before. They never knew so much as a refrigerator, let alone a freezer. Picked, halved, and juiced all within 24-48 hours. That’s why the juice there tastes so much like orange juice, but more so. There’s orangeyness in that orange juice one does not know about when dealing with oranges less fresh.

I know I’d do more than just have a glass of OJ if I went back to Mexico, but that glass of OJ is at the top of my list.

8 thoughts on “Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice

  1. Ariel Deval

    Straight up true!
    I used to go pick oranges with my grandpa at his ranch,
    and then bring them to my grandma’s little store “Abarrotes”,
    which means something like groceries, and help her
    squeeze them into juice, at 6 in the morning.
    It’s the best time to be at the best place in the world!!!

  2. deanwebb Post author

    I just made a book of my Mexico trip at Now I want to go back even more!

    Maybe I should be a tour guide there during the summer…?

  3. Ariel Deval

    I would so do that!
    My favorite is going to Uruapan, they have an avocado festival!
    Avocado ice cream, avocado everything!
    Oh and they broke the record for the largest portion of guacamole
    in the world. It was the size of a average sized pool.
    Also, try “tepache”, you can find it at your local independence day parade/plaza.

  4. Shaun Jackson

    But Mr. Webb you are forgetting the most delicious food in the world! Ah lengua. It is the most savory dish that people have ever made. The thing that truely amazes me is how daring and creative people are with food. This is why i admire people like Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern because the are,for the most part, willing to eat the food that Americans say are disgusting and weird. It more people were more like them there would be a mulitiude of dishes in the school cafeteria that actually might stay down the entire day. Have you ever had a drink called halo-halo (haa-low)or an interesting dish named ballot (bu-lo’)? t?hese are Phillipine dishes and I grew up with these two and many other dishes even though I may not like it. Hope you will try these dishes soon and if you have I applaude you! These are the dishes worth living for.

  5. Hugo D Espiritu

    When I went a few years ago I liked the hamburgers and tortas(sub sandwich). I was eight so I don’t exactly remember what was in it but it was good enough to be one of the things I liked the most about visiting.

  6. deanwebb Post author

    @Shaun: LENGUA! YES! and when I go to the Philippines one day, I plan to go hungry!

    @Hugo: More and more, I’d like to be a tour guide in Mexico…

  7. Ariel Deval

    @ Shaun and Mr. Webb: My best friend Princess, is Philipino, she doesn’t like
    tortillas. I mean C’MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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