Two More Years of Gridlock, At Least…

This goes for either guy because, let’s face it, if Romney were running on what he really believes, he’d split the Democrat vote and all the GOP base would stay home in a funk. No matter who wins in November, the President is going to be in for a tough time, come January.

It looks like the GOP will get a majority in both the House and Senate. Before anyone of the elephantine persuasion starts dancing on tables, look at that Senate number again. The GOP won’t have 60 votes. That means the Democrats can block everything they want to block, just like the Republicans did in this session of Congress. If Romney wins and tries to pass stuff that his party wants, it won’t clear the Senate. If Romney or Obama win and try to pass things close to their hearts, that stuff won’t make it out of the House alive, let alone the Senate.

We look set to have another two years of kicking the can down the road, at least. Hate to disappoint, but them’s the facts as I see ’em.

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