Painful to Watch

The voters of the USA are like a girlfriend that got promised all kinds of stuff and Obama is the boyfriend making rationalizations. He’s staying cool and distant, but if there was someone the voters thought would deliver better, they’d go for him.

Mitt Romney is not that guy. Mental note: NEVER get a spray tan immediately before doing a live news appearance on Univision. Yes, Romney got a spray tan. Yes, it looked awful and made me shudder to think if he’d appear before the NAACP in blackface. I don’t think he would, but, still, I wondered.

Both candidates appeared on Univision and 60 Minutes and neither time did they get soft questions. Obama was held to account about what he failed to deliver in his first two years, when he wasn’t blocked by a Republican House. If he was unable to build a coalition to get his agenda passed then, what will he do with a GOP-run House *and* Senate, which looks likely in January?

If Obama did badly, Romney did much worse. No specifics, the spray tan thing, and he made a sudden decision to give Univision only 35 minutes instead of the 60 he promised them. He’s not even in office, and he’s going back on his promises to the Hispanic community… does not bode well…

So, if you want a reason why the polls are running the way they are, it’s because while Obama is failing to capture the nation’s imagination like he did in 2008, Romney’s campaign in unraveling right before our eyes.

And that’s why I ain’t voting for either of ’em.

One thought on “Painful to Watch

  1. Dave Florea

    To vote for neither is to continue the status quo. I can’t think of much that could be worse than that. If the Libertarians could ever get it together, I’d vote that way; but third parties seem doomed to failure in this country.

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