Another Shutdown Averted… For Now

Well, the Senate passed a resolution that will keep the government solvent for a while, but it’s not a permanent fix. The whole thing can keep happening over and over again because the two houses of the legislature aren’t playing ball with each other in a nice way.

But what complicates things further is how the Tea Party Republicans are breaking party discipline and are instead behaving like a rebellious junior partner in a coalition government. This is real gridlock in government at a time when we need real action instead.

And though Americans don’t like Congress as a whole, most Americans like their own Congressman, even though he’s typically part of the problem in the Congress. What to do if we’re just going to re-elect the same gang? Don’t tell me the solution is to vote for the other guy or a third-party candidate. The fact is, the incumbents win their elections and they’re going to keep doing what they’re doing now or become more extreme. With that in mind, what can we do that has a serious chance of succeeding?

10 thoughts on “Another Shutdown Averted… For Now

  1. Denise Lee

    Why is it that third-party candidates never win? Their ideas and policies seem to be the most reasonable – why does the majority of America opt for the ‘extremes’?

  2. Susan Harling

    I agree with Denise’s statement, it seems that whoever has the most reasonable problem solving and conflict resolution skills should get elected.

  3. deanwebb Post author

    And yet, they don’t necessarily. Getting elected requires a totally different skill set from running a government.

  4. Ugochi Ebinama

    I think the reason why the third party candidate don’t win is because they don’t say what wolud please people. People want to hear what they want, so they make the wrong decision by voting for candidates that say they would do amazing things to help the economy but never do.

  5. deanwebb Post author

    Exactly. And we’re in no position to require that a candidate actually represents us. Our politicians are drawn from the very people that abuse the system for their benefit.

  6. James Lumbley

    I believe the third party doesn’t get elected because of the tendency of many Americans to conform, and not branch out away from definitive democratic or republican stands. American voters should never do straight card votes
    For one party. They should study each race and vote for who has a better solution or stand on the issue.

  7. Maggie Austin

    I am frustrated because even the dicey candidates seem to do little when in office. We are craving and needing something big to happen but we keep getting consistency and temporary fixes like this government funding. Cutting all extra government spending like the Republicans would cause an uproar but why can’t we try something to get us out of debt? I think if we get involved we could change the government instead of waiting for an ideal candidate.

  8. deanwebb Post author

    Problem is, would you be able to run as a candidate if you did not fit their profile for what they consider to be an ideal candidate, IE, the kinds of people they’re running now?

  9. Kathy Wong

    I don’t think there really is a choice but to re-elect “the same gang”. People have seen enough of third parties to understand how their method of election works. The come running in the election promising all these things to the people, but when they actually get into office, no of the things mentioned are implemented. To choose from electing a returning Congressman or a third party, I feel is a result of the same equivalence. When in office, both will end up doing nothing to help the problems facing us.

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