The Perfect Gifts!

These are some of the best gifts you’ll ever find.

My wife is in a choir that will be traveling to Europe for some performances this coming summer. She needs to raise money for the trip, so she’s going all-out on the crafts front.

These just sold, but she’s got other items of jewelry and some great ladies’ handbags that she’s rebooted that would be PERFECT gifts for that special lady in your life. If you’re a special lady, then you can drop a hint to your man that these would be great gifts. We men appreciate minimum thinking when it comes to finding gifts. We also have great resources like to get a gift of almost any customisation. But I digress.

The prices are modest, and you know that they’re going for an excellent cause! Buy as much as you can and she’ll make more when she runs out of what she has.

She also has knitted robots. Believe me, these are totally cute and totally cool.

Send PayPal payments to yvette (at) zzztpm (dot) com and let her know what your heart – or sweetheart – desires.

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