Michele Bachmann

The Seven Dwarfs of the Republican Party had a debate last night and Michele Bachmann managed to get on the media’s radar screens in a big way. This is not good. The woman is insane, misinformed, and ready to sell us all out to the banks.

Yes, she opposed the bailout plan for the big banks in 2008. But she’s also dead-set against regulating the banking industry, and it’s deregulation that got us into the mess we’re in – that is yet to resolve. She’s worried about too much government, I’m worried about not enough. I like that police will investigate murders and bring criminals to justice: we need more of them on the financial end, and we need more bankers in jail instead of on yachts purchased with bonus money. Bachmann’s not in favor of that: indeed, she’s ready to get rid of as many rules as possible so the wolves in the banking industry will be able to be as rapacious as they want to be. This is not a good thing for America. Supporting Ms. Bachmann is a dangerous thing for that reason alone.

She’s got the same ideologically blind stridency that Palin has, with the added bonus of being able to find Libya on a map. That doesn’t make her suddenly qualified to be in government, let alone as our nation’s president. I don’t want to compare her to Hitler just because she’s right-wing. I want to compare her to Hitler because she’s insane like that. The USA is going through some horrible economic times and we’re bound to see extremists emerge in the political field. The key to survival is to reject that extremism before it has a chance to enter government and enact legislation to make what is now criminal into standard operating procedure. Bachmann sees un-Americanism everywhere, yet cannot offer specifics when pressed: that is a sign of an addled mind.

When I point a finger of accusation, I back it up with facts or I don’t point at all. This is what separates me from the political nutcases. I make sure my facts are in order, by the way. I don’t make them up and I alter my ideas when I get new information that adds to what I already know. Bachmann just heads on out with her half-baked ideas and believes every single word of her own press. This is not good.

I could make other criticisms of Ms. Bachmann at this time, but I’ll pass over them. I think identifying a paranoid that will hand the nation entirely over to the banking interests stands as criticism enough. No, hold on. I’ll get one more criticism in there.

She claims to be Christian, but wants to let the poor starve. That’s totally not what Jesus taught to do. Sorry, Ms. Bachmann, but I don’t want someone who draws near to Jesus with her lips but who is far from him in her heart to be my president.

It is henceforth the editorial policy of this website to oppose Ms. Bachmann’s political aspirations.

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