Fun at the Lake

This would have been “Fun at Flagpole Hill and the Lake” had it not been for a MASSIVE Low Rider convention on top of Flagpole Hill.

The traffic there was rough, and I learned the hard way I didn’t want to use manual focus for snapshots… This one came out good, though.

So we went off to White Rock Lake and took some snaps… have fun and be sure to check out the larger size images!

Note on the above: There used to be a soda can floating around in the picture. I love my Paint Shop Pro, version 9. The Last Good Version.

This is a composite of two exposures, one to bring out the sky and one to bring out the reflection.

Malia didn’t know it, but her arm is in the perfect orientation for the shot.

This is the same bird as in the previous image.

Duck bubbles!

A test of landscape photography…

Another composite exposure.

I wanted to test the monochrome settings on the camera and I like them quite a lot. I’ll probably do more work with color separations and making composites with adjusted brightness and contrast, as I like those very much.

Although the afternoon was hot and we were wanting to get back to the car, Malia noticed her shadow and suggested we take a picture of it. She was right to suggest that. 🙂

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