Super Amigos

This documentary has been playing on LinkTV, but you can watch it all online with 1:15 at the beginning with a reference to Santo, the great originator of the social crusader Luchador, at Snag Films.

While there are brief scenes with strong language or adult situations, the movie itself is one that demands to be seen. It follows five masked wrestlers that fight against social injustice, poverty, pollution, and despair. Each has a different calling, but all take on the wrestling mask to empower their ideas with an identity that is immortal.

When masked, each man becomes a superhero not because of any set of powers, but because he puts his heart towards a goal and does not let any setback cause him to give up. The mask and costume enables each one to be tireless in his efforts.

I loved the documentary and the way it shows that anyone can choose to access a massive amount of positive energy. No matter our circumstances, we can always make a choice that changes our lives. These men show how to make that change for the better.

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