Taare Zameen Par (Like Stars on Earth)

Taare Zameen Par is a wonderful, wonderful film about the importance of loving children, even if it means accepting their mistakes or letting them get their hands dirty. I found it powerful and emotional and loved every minute of Aamir Khan’s excellent film.

You will not want to watch this without facial tissues nearby. Have 2 boxes, just in case.

The story focuses on a young child with a learning disability, but in a broader sense, it takes a look at everyone caught up in the world. It’s a celebration of caring, of great teachers, and, above all, the arts. It was hard for me to watch the child suffer so much at the beginning, but I held on because I knew Aamir Khan was making a movie about redemption and celebration – no Rang De Basanti ending here. For those that haven’t seen that movie, it had a sad ending. For those that have seen that movie, you know “sad” is a gross understatement. No, Taare Zameen Par is, in the end, a happy film with a great sense of humor.

If you’re a teacher, involved in the arts, or a current or former child, you will want to see this film. I’d give it a PG because of some brief cursing of swears and the fact that things are really hard on the protagonist. For a great treat in your Netflix queue or local Bollywood movie store, get a copy of Taare Zameen Par and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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