Things My Parents Taught Me

I was lucky enough to have good parents. Like me, they were human and fallible, but they taught me with love and that made all the difference. They taught me to seek truth and to let that truth change my life. Even as I advance through my years as an adult, I see more value in what they taught me with each day. I am very thankful for the things my parents taught me, and I hope and pray that I honor them in the way I keep their teachings. Should I make a mistake, the fault is mine because my parents taught me to do better than that.

If anyone should think they are unfortunate in who their parents are, look to the great peacemakers and what they taught. Let them be your parents. Strive to honor their teachings. When you falter, do not make an excuse for your mistake. Simply resolve to continue striving so that mistake is not made again. But continue to seek out the words of the teachers of peace as regular fortification against the hate and lies of the world. As my parents taught me to do, seek truth and let that truth change your life.

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