Robot (Endhiran)

Wow. Just Wow. This movie has it all, almost. Well, it didn’t have ninjas or pirates or space aliens, but it made up for that with robot zombies and a giant robot robot. Great music, fun dancing, and some amazing visual effects. The best part about it was that the climax didn’t involve just one master plan that would knock out the baddies. Instead, the big finish involved a huge number of twists and the last 30 minutes are non-stop, very satisfying action.

Oddly enough, the movie left me thinking as I walked out. The very end of the end features an interesting exploration of what it means to be truly human – or not – as happens in all robot movies. As a film, Robot draws in elements from all other robot movies, from Metropolis on down to Terminator, with a touch of Frankenstein and a dab of Edward Scissorhands. The action sequences definitely contain nods to chopsocky films, as well as the slick stylizations of Russia’s Nochnoi Dozor and Dnevnoi Dozor. It even has an awesome quote just before a baddie administers a massive beatdown: “Happy Diwali, everyone!” (Gratuitous explosions and mayhem follow.)

Looks like I came back to the action, but I can’t also forget the love story and how it showed the way the ugly side of humans comes through. Loved it. The script is full of intelligent turns and twists and the whole experience is massively entertaining, even the 30 second title sequence that introduces “Superstar Rajni.” Must see, four stars, five forks, has a great beat and makes you want to dance, fun for the whole family over the age of 15 because it’s pretty intense and I’m definitely buying the DVD when it comes out. Multiple thumbs up.

4 thoughts on “Robot (Endhiran)

  1. Stephanie Myers

    Man I really liked this movie too. When it comes out on DVD I’d like to buy it… where exactly do you purchase your hard-copies of Bollywood films?

  2. Annie Memon

    I loved how the robot compared his action to human nature. Its true humans have become so selfish and greedy that they dont have time to reflect upon their action

  3. deanwebb Post author

    I get mine online or at the counter of the place in Subzi Mandi. The racks have the 2-in-1 DVDs which are bootlegs, but the shrinkwrapped stuff from behind the counter is legit.

  4. deanwebb Post author

    And, yes, Annie, that aspect of the film was telling. In his quest to create something like him, the scientist succeeded – and that became his nightmare.

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