Gandhi’s Grandson

We want to create world peace. But peace is not merely the absence of war. There is so much internal strife and that prejudice feeds into the national aspect. We have to change ourselves if we want to change the world. – Arun Manilal Gandhi

I love the channels at the end of the satellite spectrum, the public access and noncommercial ones. That’s where I find some real treasures. Today’s treasure was the wisdom of Arun Manilal Gandhi, courtesy of an address made at BYU on 23 March 1999, broadcast on KBYU, 8AM on a Saturday morning. He taught about controlling anger and controlling violence not only against other people, but also violence against the world. When you consider the violence contained in the disposal of a usable pencil, and the nonviolence in picking up the disposed pencil for more use, you will see part of the lessons he taught.

He discussed keeping an anger journal. He said it would be useful if one kept it in order to control anger and to change its ability to control us. This sounds like something I’d like to take up. If we hold ourselves to account for our violence, we will want to naturally reduce our debts in that area.

We would also want to do that to be a better example to others. The healing the world needs begins first in our own hearts. Whether Gandhi or Jesus says it, it’s still true.

Anything done through fear will not last. Anything done through love will last forever. – Arun Manilal Gandhi

3 thoughts on “Gandhi’s Grandson

  1. AnnieMemon

    I agree with Gandhi. Anger and fear steers peoples mind in the wrong directions and get lost with in themselves. They end up getting lost in their anger they start spreading their fear around others creating hatred in the world. An example of that would be the wars that have happened so far in the history. Some have had long going affect carried that is still seen today. Showing care and respect towards others and towards the world we live on will bring good fortune to all of us.

  2. Tayyaba

    I totally agree with this article. These days, people have a lot of anger issues and they have no control on it. Because when they are mad and angry, this leads them to take wrong steps in life and create violence and haterd as Annie said. Well, it’s still not too late. In order to get this going in a good way, we should control our anger and just like Gandhi said, we should have an anger journal. That’s what I do. I have my own diary, in which I write everythign about me as well as what gets me mad, how I reacted, and what should I do, if I get mad at the same situation next time. If you want love, happiness, and peace back in the world, then control anger, quit haterd, and get rid of violence. That’s good for you and me.

  3. Micah Mosley

    Arun Gandhi seems to be as wise as his grandfather. Anger is one of the few emotions along with love that cause we, as human beings to take drastic actions that we normally would not partake in. Anger can take contol and consume one and cloud our judgement. I have had it happen to myself far too often. In sports (particularly tennis), I constantly find myself cursing, slamming my racket, and yelling at my parents. These are all things that I am very ashamed of and are caused by my inability to control my anger. Gandhi speaks of keeping an anger journal but i find it hard to believe that that would suppress my anger. I find that when i am extremely frustrated and angry that I must somehow release that anger from within my body. I do not know if keeping a journal would do it but it is worth a shot. Any suggestion from a relative of Gandhi is worth a shot in my opinion.

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