One thought on “All the Queen’s Men

  1. Colin Mosley

    I just read that (confusing) article and before deciding to comment on here, read the comments others left on the article by Gross. I’m really not into politics and don’t really sway either way so imput on the political issues which Palin keeps babbling about is pretty much useless. However, after reading it i did come up with a few questions that maybe you could answer for me. First off, i’m very confused about Palin herself and what “party” she belongs to. Is she a part of the tea party? And if she is, what are their political views, cause i just tried researching a little and kept getting very broad answers. Secondly, while i was reading the comments left by other viewers, i realized that many were asking why Palin hadn’t sued Gross for writing this article and several of them felt that he should. I’m wondering why she didn’t sue him. Is it cause of free press? Or just cause his article actually has factual backing?

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