Important Files for My Classes

Below are links to PDF files for my AP US Government and AP Economics classes. These files are current as of August, 2010. Syllabuses for my courses are updated and abridged versions of the ones I submitted to College Board, so AP instructors hoping to submit them will be advised to use my fuller, approved syllabuses I’ve already submitted to CB. Instructors and students are free to use this material for personal and class use, but are not allowed to present this material as their own work, nor are they permitted to sell this material. All materials copyright 2010 and on, L. Dean Webb and All rights reserved.

AP US Government Syllabus

AP US Government Multiple Choice Question Correlation

AP US Government Free Response Question Correlation

AP Macroeconomics Key Concepts and Terms 2010

AP Macroeconomics Multiple Choice Question Correlation

AP Macroeconomics Free Response Question Correlation

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  1. Franklin Warlick

    I’m looking to make a back alley deal for AP World History study guides . . . . You seem to be plugged to the underground. All replies confidential. (and Yes, the address is RFC compliant)

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