Roman Holiday

Just saw this movie. It’s a true gem of a picture, and it’s a dirty shame Hollywood doesn’t make any more like this. Bollywood does, and maybe that’s why I love both classic American cinema and the masala films from India.

It’s a beautiful story without any sort of Hollywood ending. Feeling the pain at the end made it all the more special to me. That, and the beauty of Rome and its people. I need to head that way, one day, and it made me thankful that I live next to a major airport. During the mad whirl Peck and Hepburn enjoyed, I saw myself and my wife doing the same things, minus taking a dip in the Tiber. Or getting a haircut. But the gelato looked amazing, even in black and white. And at the end of it all, I’ll still have the one I love, so I’ll be one up on Gregory Peck, which is pretty cool, all things considered.

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