Why No Criticism?

Obama ordered an assassination of a man his administration claims is a terrorist. That’s all we have. Someone in the US Government pointing a finger and saying, “kill that terrorist!”

OK, I’ll accept the guy probably is a terrorist. He probably is making war on the US and killing him might very well put an end to the further plans he has to kill innocent people. He’s making war on me and my people, so, yes, he should be a target for the violence of war.

What bothers me is that the justification used – a statement from the government – can be used against anyone, anywhere. That’s not the kind of power I want any government to have. The next bother I have is that the administration is not trying to cloud the issue. It’s come right out and stated it plans to assassinate this man. When will assassination of leaders hostile to US interests become as open as this?

The arrogance of this declaration is as appalling as its criminality. What is further appalling is that few voices are speaking against this. Those who deplored Bush’s erosion of civil liberties are silent on this move of Obama’s. Those who deplore Obama are silent, too, as if they do not wish to indict their darling baby Bush with criticism of this excess of power.

One thought on “Why No Criticism?

  1. Nikkiah Guerra

    Has a picture been released for this man, because a photo is worth a thousand words. Is it possible that this whole assasination can be a fraud and made up to cover something else?


    This website reveals a photo of a man in front of a colorful curtain that looks staged if you ask me.
    The CIA is ordered to kill any “al-Alwaki no matter where he is found, no matter his distance from a battlefield.” Does this include children, pregnant women, elderly, PETS!? Where is the proof that these people are gulity!?

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