US-Israeli Relations: Time for a Divorce?

No, it’s not all the Jews’ fault. I want to get that right out: the security of the state of Israel is being betrayed by its politicians and the extremist factions they must cater to in order to remain in power. Got that? Politicians and extremists in Israel are endangering the state of Israel, its relationship with the US, and the people that live in Israel.

The current Israeli government expects to be able to swing the US’ military power around like it was its own. For the last 60+ years, the US has been funding Israel like a co-dependent mother paying for her son’s heroin habit, particularly so after Britain and France stepped away from Israel after the Suez debacle in 1956. Every time Israel has thrown a fit, the US has caved in to pressure from the AIPAC and given Israel what it needs. What does the US get in return?

In 1973, it almost got nuclear escalation. Initial Syrian and Egyptian successes in the October War made Israel conclude it would have to go nuclear without a massive infusion of conventional weapons from the USA. The US moved over 22,000 tons of material to Israel, gave them airplanes directly from the USAF, and flew recon missions to benefit the Israelis. Israel then used a brief skirmish as an excuse to violate the UN-brokered cease-fire to drive deeper into Egypt that caused the USSR to directly state that it would become militarily involved on Egypt’s side if the US couldn’t rein in Israel. Thankfully, the USSR was already disposed to accept an Egyptian defeat and allowed the situation to de-escalate.

The US also got the 1973 Oil Crisis from the October War. OPEC, made up primarily of Arab states, resented the way in which the US unilaterally supported Israel in the war and chose to pull their chain and increase oil prices by 70% and many OPEC nations chose to halt all exports to the US entirely. The US economy endured a painful recession and Israel kept everything it had gained with US assistance.

Since then, Israel has spied on the US, ignored calls to observe international agreements, and placed itself – and the US – in the line of fire over its settlement policies. The US has repeatedly given everything it could to Israel. It is as if decisions made by the Israeli legislature trump those made by our own, a sort of odd reverse colonization.

Israel’s moves make US involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq much more difficult. Iran’s Chief Executive Idiot is pushing Israel’s buttons, deliberately trying to draw the foul and get Israel to start a war with Iran, knowing full well the US would have to join in to keep things from going nuclear. Israel spies on us, yet we blithely fund a state that practices divisive racial policies that contribute to its own domestic and international instability. It has developed nuclear weapons and we officially do not know that they have done so, in order to continue providing them with massive conventional military aid – aid which would have to be cut off if we ever acknowledged Israel was in breach of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Israel insults the US with its policies and then tries to use the AIPAC to get Congress in line behind it. We don’t need this. I therefore propose a modest solution:

1. If Israel is a nation favored of God, God will protect them. No more US aid. Isaiah told the ancient Jews not to put their trust in the arm of man, but in God. Anyone in Israel that believes that nation is protected by God are free to stay in Israel and let God protect them. Granted, that’s a pretty big leap of faith, but God likes leaps of faith from what I hear, so it’ll be a good thing.

2. If Israel is merely a secular entity to provide Jews with a homeland and to be a refuge from anti-Jewish sentiment in the rest of the world, it is failing miserably by choosing to be established in Palestine. Jews are NOT free from attacks – the pogroms of old are replaced by the terrorist attacks of today. Leave the motivation of the attackers out of it – Jews specifically in geographic Israel are their target. One day, one will have a nuclear weapon and that will be the effective end of the state of Israel. Israel’s own government policies hasten the day of the next Holocaust, brought on not by a government gone mad, but at the hands of an organization of clandestine madmen.

To realize the ideal of a Jewish state where Jews as a cultural group can run their own affairs and be reasonably safe from attack, Israel not be able to remain where it is. If it recognizes the right of return for Palestinian refugees, Jews will become a minority in Israel, although it will be at peace with the Arabs. If Israel is only a secular entity, then it should relocate to a better, safer place. I nominate Montana. It’ll be bordered by Canada and the US and is great for ranching and tourism. It’ll be way out in the middle of nowhere with hardly anyone else around to bother. There’s plenty of Montana, too, so we won’t have to move any Indian reservations around. But it’ll be a safe place, far away from anyone who would want to kill Jews if they weren’t associated in some way with the current state of Israel.

We’re the United States of America. We should not have to have our policies existing to serve the beck and call of a tiny nation on the other side of the Atlantic. Wasn’t that what we wanted to prove back in 1776?

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