Yay Durian Candy

Not good enough for “Reason to Live”, but still pretty dang fun and tasty.

Found it at the Hong Kong Market. It doesn’t smell like durian, but it has that nice durian-y funkyness when you start chewing it. My daughter and I bought some today and had great fun.

3 thoughts on “Yay Durian Candy

  1. Stephanie Myers

    Oh snap, I could be posting on stuff about economics, but this involves candy and is therefore my top priority for a few minutes.
    Hi-Chew is delicious. HOWEVER if you ever find some candy in similar packaging called… Puccho (well it has it in English in itty-bitty print for its website puccho.jp) get it. The stuff is delicious because it has little gummies inside the large taffy stuff and… its just good. The Japanese make some of the best candy evar.

  2. deanwebb Post author

    I agree. There’s one kind of grape chew that I bought in Narita airport that I’ve been searching for here, but to know avail. It came in a round, kinda flying-saucer shaped box that opened on the bottom to let one or two out. They were little balls, kinda chewy, and the flavor lasted a really long time with no bad aftertaste. It was like the Elves from Lord of the Rings had decided to make candy.

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