Questions for the Tea Party

All, right, deficits are bad. No argument about that from me. Taxes can damage the economy. Again, I agree wholeheartedly. Now, Tea Party, tell me how you’re going to rein in deficits and cut taxes without bringing on a catastrophe to make the events of the 1930s seem like the “Not All That Bad Depression.”

The Tea Party is too little, too late. Yes, we fear deficits, but what politician is going to vote to dismantle entitlement programs? How are we going to get rid of entrenched politicians when the interest groups backing them have put so much money into discrediting their opponents? And how do we know if the replacements the Tea Party puts forward are mentally sound?

In War, Politics, and Insanity, C.S. Bluemel put forward the idea that many of the world’s politicians, particularly the populist ones, are certifiably insane. They grew up with hard lives and became rebellious mavericks – psychotic mavericks. The book was written in 1949, so the author was thinking of Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin, not Palin. The comparison still applies. The danger of populism is that it attracts leaders just like the common man that believe in themselves to the point of megalomania. My final question for the Tea Party is this: beyond your economic solution, how will you keep your movement from producing an American dictator?

2 thoughts on “Questions for the Tea Party

  1. Nikkiah Guerra

    Who Is The Bigger Hypocrite: Welfare Tea Partiers Or Wall Street-Friendly Progressives?

    Although a certain party may believe they are acting positivly towards a cause, they may be the death of themselves. How funny opinion is becuase once a person has a set opinion in their mind it isn’t changing. Sure you can present facts to them about the pros and cons of their choice but their mind is made up.

  2. Hugo Espiritu

    Well Mr. Webb I guess it’s up to the people of the US to keep populist nutcases from getting any more power(Lord have mercy if they do). I do get what you mean though about the danger being that people like hearing that someone has an answer for their problem(not necessarily a good answer) which leads them to flock to that person and become diehard supporters making those nutcases even more powerful…the horror.

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