Mining Murder Mayhem

Criminal gangs in China have been kidnapping mentally disabled people. The gangs take their kidnap victims to mining operations and murder them deep underground in ways to make them look like they died in mining accidents. Then the gangs pose as members of the victim’s family and demand compensation from the mine owner. If the mine is operating illegally, chances are that the owners will pay what the criminals demand to keep the incident hushed up.

While using mentally disabled people is a new wrinkle, these murders have been going on across China for about a decade. These deaths are over and above the estimated 20,000 that die each year in China’s mines.

Basically, the moral of this story is to stay far, far away from China’s mines, especially if you’re Chinese. There are many illegal operations that are kept going because of their connections to government officials.

3 thoughts on “Mining Murder Mayhem

  1. Jim McCarthy

    Illegal mines? How do you dig a big hole in the ground without people knowing about it?

  2. Shaun Jackson

    Mr. Webb i am stumped on this one too. could you explain an illegal mining operation and why has no one done anything about all of the people being kidnapped?

  3. Chanel Wan

    The Chinese have been doing this for centuries this isn’t anything new. For example the opium issue that controlled China for a really long time, it was able to thrive for so long illegally because the main people who were running it had either close ties to the government or was working uncover for them.

    The reason why China probably hasn’t done anything about the kidnapping is due to the fact that, kidnapping or getting rid of people in China happens all the time. Such as if a woman was to have a baby and it is a girl they tend to leave the baby on the street to die since it isn’t a boy. Things like in China are normal, their government can cover up anything and everything.

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