Racist Trees

It is frustrating how some people need a mountain of evidence to say “well, the jury’s still out on that issue.” Racism persists because it serves a purpose to provide a framework that justifies the material benefits of those who perpetuate the system. Even trivial aspects of that racist framework, like statues of Confederate politicians and generals, provoke violent reactions when they are targeted for removal, because those who benefit from racist frameworks know that such removals will eventually force them to repent, humble themselves, and ask for forgiveness.

Getting to about an hour into the film (link below), although it depicted the arson that targeted Black homes in Palm Springs, I couldn’t help but think of the bombings in Dallas happening at the same time that targeted Black families that had moved into White neighborhoods.

I always taught my history students to select the multiple choice answer that painted the worst possible situation for Blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asians, Women, LGBTQIA+, and any of the other numerous divisions used by people in power to perpetuate their power. My students always did well on the state-mandated History exit exams.

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