The Price of Silence

I just watched this video twice and cried both times. We can make differences in the world, each day in small ways, bringing more kindness and love to those around us. We can do it, and it’s worth doing. 90% of the world’s people only want to have enough to eat, a place to live, clean water, a song to sing, and someone to love. It’s the 10% that grab for power that bring evil into the world. Be the 90% that chooses life and love.

One thought on “The Price of Silence

  1. Dave Florea

    I’m in the 90%, but entirely dissatisfied that I have to spend so much time on guard against the 10%. Rodney King was a dufus, but the message he made famous seems more relevant all the time. Peace and serenity to all, and Happy New Year.

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