Wickedness That Looks Like Righteousness

Most people assume that someone who attends church regularly, obeys all the laws, and has no secret sins would be a good person. Yet, 1 Nephi 22:23 cites that those who are seeking to get gain, build up power, and who seek popularity “in the eyes of the world” are those who belong to the “kingdom of the devil.”

These people can be attending church services, obeying laws, and not be doing anything illegal, but are still pillars of the community of the kingdom of the devil. They will insist that they are doing nothing wrong, and that may very well be the case according to the laws of man, but in the laws of God, they are doing all manner of iniquity. They are not sharing their good fortune with those less fortunate, they are not sharing their power to protect the weak and vulnerable, and they do not seek after the welfare of others before they think of themselves. I imagine they’d also be among the first to insist that no one is worthy to judge them when people begin to judge them according to God’s law.

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