Republican Racism in Georgia

I just got my copy of “How Trump Stole 2020” (link below) and I’ve just finished the first chapter outlining how Kemp stole the 2018 Georgia election. It was simple, in that he started early. As Secretary of State in 2014, he refused to add minority voter registrations. When registration activists showed him copies of the registrations and demanded to know why they had not been added, he charged them with criminal tampering of voter forms – because they had made copies! He was sent over 86K voter registrations from a drive in 2018 and he refused to enter about 40,000 of them.

Simple math that adds up to a stark truth: in Georgia, where there aren’t enough white voters to put a Republican in office in a fair election, the Republicans in office refuse to register nonwhite voters. Because that is a policy that maintains the power of one racial group over another, that is the definition of racism. One who supports such a party is supporting a party that advances racism.

But wait, there’s more: Kemp also purged the records of over 660,000 nonwhite voters in advance of the 2018 election, including people who had voted in every election at the same polling place since they won the right to vote in 1965.

Now, in that purge, yes, there were 64,446 voters who had died, 14,021 imprisoned for felonies (another Jim Crow racist policy, but we’ll pass over that), but that doesn’t account for the other 534,510 who were purged for the reason of “System Cancels”.

They had not voted in two previous elections and did not respond to a postcard allegedly mailed to their registration address. Kemp claimed they had all moved: but there was zero demographic or U-Haul or any other information to back that claim up.

In some cases, the “move” was simply going from one room in a retirement center to another – they got purged. Others never moved at all – too bad, they’re black or Hispanic or some other group that Kemp couldn’t count on as a solid white Republican voter, so they also got purged.

Military personnel who had moved from overseas deployments back home to Georgia – purged.

This is disgusting, and this is only the first part of the book! I know that there are many other cases, as the Republican Party makes no secret of its hostility towards blacks, Hispanics, and other nonwhites and their votes. It is revolting how closely tied the Republicans are to white supremacism – it is either used directly as a tool or, worse, people who should be outraged and vocal about it choose instead to let it slide and be quiet accomplices in active racial discrimination.

Now I’m in the next chapter, where the author, Greg Palast, discusses the experience of going through Kemp’s purge list – which Kemp refused to give to Palast but was happy to hand over to someone posing as a Fox News editor – with a direct marketing database. Rather, 240 separate databases used by direct marketing firms to keep their address lists up to date.

340,134 Georgians who had been purged for moving were still at their home address, alive, well, unconvicted of a felony, still US citizens. The full summary of the analysis is in the appendix…

This is why I left the Republican Party, and it has only gotten worse under Trump. This Georgia story is not alone, and I am going to read about how Republicans in other states used nakedly racist targeting of voters to steal elections. Remember that Kemp only won by a few hundred votes, and you see why it was so important for him to purge hundreds of thousands of legitimate voters and to refuse to register tens of thousands of other legitimate voters.

Get out of that party before it destroys your soul any further, if you have a soul that you plan to use later on. I’m already disgusted by John Cornyn’s nakedly racist attacks on Royce West, and those ran even before the runoff vote was settled between West and Hegar! Sorry, no. If you support Republicans, you support racism, plain and simple. If you don’t support racism, then you can’t support Republicans. None of them, not a one. They are either actively racist or silent cowards that cannot stand up to evil.

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