Carlos V Chocolate

I love this bad boy. It’s got a flavor and texture unlike any chocolate bar made for the US market. It was made for Mexican tastes… and mine as well, apparently. I love how it crumbles in my mouth as I eat it. I find it a perfect complement to a lunch of al pastor tacos and try to eat it when I still have the taste of the pork, cilantro, and onions lingering in my mouth.

It’s not for everyone. Some find its sweetness presumptuous and its texture off-putting. Not me. I love it.

Carlos V is also smaller than US candy bars. This is a good thing. It’s bigger than a fun size, so it doesn’t leave me wanting more, but it’s smaller than a full size, so I don’t feel like I got mugged by the Sugar Bandit when I’m done with it. It’s just right. Also, it has a great finish: a good, sensible sweet chocolate flavor that lasts. Too often, I can eat a candy and it leaves me with a bad aftertaste. I can always count on Carlos V to rule my tongue fairly and wisely.

2 thoughts on “Carlos V Chocolate

  1. RacherrrrrrQ

    You should advertise for Carlos V.

    Why does Nestle have to sell all the GOOD candy bars outside of the US? Like Aero and Flake, as well as this…

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