BlacKKKlansman Reaction

Saw “BlacKKKlansman” last night. Very powerful drama, very timely film. Spike Lee’s script takes the right-wing white-supremacist wink-wink phrases and places them in their full context. When someone buys into one or two of the lines they use, it’s easier to start going with the rest of their hateful flow.
If you think you’re not a racist, and you don’t see where Donald Trump is being a racist, then you need to re-think about whether or not you’re a racist. Why? Because I plan to call it out even more so than I’ve done in the past. I don’t care if it makes you uncomfortable. Racism should not be a comfortable position.
I think there is a place for conservative views in America. I’m very sympathetic towards many of them. But I’m not going to stand on the same side as racists. I’m going to call them out and denounce them. If you want to speak out against the excesses of liberals, please do. But first, denounce the racism that has infected so much of the conservative movement in the USA. Conservatives have needed to clean house since 1964, when the racists began to move like roaches from the Democratic party to the Republican one. Instead of accepting those votes, they need to turn them away.
The saying “Make America Great Again” applies only if you think a Black president was a disaster. It logically equates with turning back the clock on Civil Rights. If you believe that all people are created equal and that every adult in the USA deserves the right to vote, and to have those votes fairly counted and not gerrymandered, then you need to step away from that racist MAGA falsehood.
America’s greatness is in its principles of equality, rights, and freedoms. Racism, intolerance, and authoritarianism take away from our greatness as a nation. Trump and his most dedicated supporters promote racism, intolerance, and authoritarianism. If you’re not a racist, not intolerant, and not a jackbooted authoritarian, I don’t see how you can maintain those positions with an uncritical support of Trump.
And if you think you can maintain those positions with an uncritical support of Trump, then what is keeping you from joining the Klan? Or the American Nazi Party? The Aryan Nation? The League of the South? The Holocaust Deniers? What keeps you from joining with them? Ask carefully, because *they* have joined *you*.

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