Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz

Celia Cruz

Ah! Saint Celia! When she starts to sing, the heavens open up.

Don’t believe me? Well, go get some of her music and see what happens. I don’t care what mood you’re in, Celia Cruz can get you to get up and start shaking your body to the music. Her career spanned decades and all through her amazing time on stage, she got people to move in their hearts and minds. Whether calypso, cumbia, or salsa, Celia mastered the rhythm and the melody and made her voice do amazing things.

Above all is the happiness in her singing. There’s an upbeat, lively, bring it on quality in her voice that, no matter what, speaks to the joy to be had in every moment, even the painful ones – for they are still moments we live. And, no matter the pain, a touch of Celia can make the clouds pass and the tropical fruit stands appear.

So, go and find Celia and know what she meant when she said, “¡Azúcar!”

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