I love this game. It’s hard to stay away from. Now that I have only AP classes on my roster again, I can do a big Diplomacy thing between my classes. It’s totally fun. (evil booming laughter)
Anyway, above please find a thumbnail of the current map… it’s only after the first turn, but still fun to stare at. If you need improved staring, you can see it here.

8 thoughts on “Diplomacy

  1. Travis Newman

    Wow… those were the days… yeah this game is serious fun (Sorry natsume)… i have no idea how it was played but yeah, those were really good times

  2. Andrew Dittman

    Hello, Dean.

    Hope everything is going well. I’m finta finish up my master’s degree in choral conducting at UNT, and everything’s peachy.

    Diplomacy question: is support cut if adequately supported?

  3. deanwebb Post author

    Sup, Dittman! 🙂

    Master’s, eh? Good job! And yes, support is always cut if attacked from a territory not being supported into.

    If Tri supports Trl-Ven, Ven attacking Tri will not cut support. If Ven has enough support, it’ll move into Tri, which cuts support due to a dislodge. If Alb attacks Tri, then Tri’s support is cut, regardless of what other units may be doing to support Tri.

  4. Andrew Dittman

    Let me rephrase. Two countries are involved here.

    Country A has three units in a line, country 1 supports country 2 who supports country 3 who holds. (Country 1 does not border country 3.)

    Country B also has three units. Unit 1 attacks country A’s unit 2 (to try to cut support). Unit 2 attacks country A’s unit 3 with support from country B’s unit 3.

    So you’re saying that even though it is a proverbial 3 on 3, country B’s moves succeed?

    ^ \/
    1B 2B


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