“O Death”

Seems ironic to consider the song “O Death” as a reason to live, but it’s the honest truth. The great Ralph Stanley has a voice and a presence that has earned him the title “The Godfather of Bluegrass.” I first heard this song in the film O Brother! Where Art Thou? and had to know more about it.

Once I found it, I discovered Dr. Stanley had sung just about every song from the soundtrack of that film and relished each of his recordings. But, always, I came back to the chilling a capella of “O Death.” The YouTube version I’ve linked has excellent sound quality, and with a voice like Stanley’s, nothing less than excellent will do.

Should Death spare me over for another year, I shall listen to this song at least once more. This song is one for the ages: it truly transcends time, age, and genre.

2 thoughts on ““O Death”

  1. Brian Rockwell

    That was and has been one of my favorite movies for years. Did you know that it’s a modern day interpretation of the Odyssey, Mr. Webb? I wasn’t aware who sang the songs, but the music is great and an integral part of the movie.

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