Before You Support that Popular Uprising…

Ukraine is in flames as a popular uprising erupts to topple a corrupt regime. Of course, the USA supports this popular uprising. We also know that the USA started this popular uprising, just as it has done in other places. The last time the USA pushed to get its man running Ukraine, he robbed the place blind. Yes, the successor regime is hardly less corrupt, but it’s not likely that the one the USA wants to put into power won’t continue the pattern of corruption. The difference is that the USA wants a Ukrainian government that benefits the West with its corruption, not Russia.

When I hear stories about the uprising in Ukraine, my mind connects it to the uprisings that the USA sponsored in Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Guatemala, Congo, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Panama, and Vietnam. Every one of those except for Syria, Libya, and Afghanistan put a military dictatorship into power, as despicable as any could be. Syria is ongoing, but if it succeeds, it’ll produce a result that we got in Afghanistan and Libya – a radical, murderous, violently ideological regime that won’t think twice about directing its venom in our faces. We put things in motion that got the Taliban to run Afghanistan and al-Qaeda to run Libya. The rebels in Syria are al-Qaeda. That’s the faction that will emerge on top, and it’s the one we’re ultimately sponsoring through Gulf Arab state proxies. It’s almost as if al-Qaeda is a branch of the CIA.

And now Ukraine… recently, Russia Today posted a recording of US officials talking about how they’re working to get their man in charge of Ukraine – and the US had some harsh words for anyone that wasn’t working along with us. Nobody in the USA denied the validity of the recording and the apologies over it were only slightly more sincere than Japan’s apologies for World War Two. Yeah, that bad. The recording told a tale that has been told before about getting the CIA to agitate and manipulate politicians into doing what the USA wanted them to do. Now that the recording came forward, damaging the reputation of the US-backed candidates for Ukraine’s top job, the revolts started.

The same thing happened in Iran in 1953. We now know, beyond any doubt, that the CIA started those street demonstrations in Tehran. I have no doubt that the CIA is behind these street demonstrations that have turned violent. People are dying in the streets because the USA is actively seeking to rip nations out of Russia’s sphere of influence. There is no freedom at stake in Ukraine. It does not matter which nation Ukraine leans towards: it will have a corrupt and oppressive regime. The USA is playing a very sloppy game of chess and has just decided to trade pawns, rather than consider its position. Suppose a pro-US regime takes power in Kiev… how will they last through next winter without Russian natural gas?

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