12 Years Later…

The people that were responsible for destroying the World Trade Center and the lives in and around it are now receiving support from the government of the survivors of that massacre. They have used sarin nerve gas at least once in Syria, and may very well be tied to the latest uses of nerve gas there. The government of the USA turns a blind eye to that atrocity.

Don’t approach that issue as a Democrat or a Republican, as a supporter or opponent of the President. Approach that issue as a businessman: what does it profit us to provide aid and support to an entity that seeks our eventual destruction? Approach the issue with an appeal to common sense: what does it profit us to give more weapons and ammunition to the people that want to use them against us?

When the Russians traded their weapons for opium in Afghanistan, the mujihadin there used those weapons to shoot their opium customers. That’s when Russia lost the war there.

12 years after the World Trade Center Massacre, we are trading our weapons for al-Qaeda’s use in toppling dictators in Libya and Syria. They will shoot us, their customers. This is when we lost the war on terror.

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