Reagan’s Blood

Reagan’s Blood is for sale online. This is insane, but not unexpected. Neither is the pseudo-religious outrage from those on the Right that still want Reagan to run for a third term or, failing that, have him sainted by way of a constitutional amendment. “It’s an outrage!” they cry, “Where is his basic human dignity?”

Bought and sold in your precious free market, that’s where. In my book, anyone that wants to make an appeal to basic human dignity for a dead president needs to do so for the living poor that have been trampled underfoot by the deregulation of things that should have stayed regulated.

Yes, regulation keeps innovation from happening. It also criminalizes activities that exploit other people through force or trickery. Would anyone like to go back to when medicine was unregulated? Would anyone want to have no regulations on pollution? If you don’t want it in your back yard, you shouldn’t insist that some one else have it dumped in his back yard because his property values are lower and he can’t access lobbyists or Congressmen the way a rich man does.

I’ve heard free market wonks say that EVERYTHING should be free to buy or sell. EVERYTHING. That disgusts me. There are things we should hold sacred, above the value of money. Putting a price on things demeans them.

No, Reagan’s blood should not be bought or sold in a free market. There oughta be a law, I know… of course, one can still get around that law by simply ignoring it and hoping one escapes justice for that crime. Ideally, we wouldn’t need a law if we were a moral people. Our biggest problem is that we idolize the sociopath and want him to run our companies and our governments.

Ironically, it was Reagan’s gang that really opened the gates for the sociopaths to run wild. Now we have a pathocracy, rule by the dangerous.

Choose what you want, but as for me, I choose morality.

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